As conveyancing is our main portfolio, we enjoy assisting clients in the process of transferring their new home onto their names. As buying your dream home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, you want to be assured that you have attorneys on your side, ensuring that your rights are protected and seeing to all and any possible legalities involved, leaving you to the tasks of selecting your new décor and planning your housewarming. Our efficient staff and systems provides you with updates on each and every task attended to, as well as a list of what still has to be attended to and by when this will be done. Weekly reports are also sent ensuring that all parties involved are up to date with the transaction proceedings. On top of that do we have a tracker system which enables you to log on at any given moment and establish exactly what is being done on the matter and what the current progress is. This system also features a “chat option” which allows you the opportunity to log a message to our offices should you be unsure of any information.

We present our Cost Calculator for your comfort. This calculator allows you to calculate mainly the following

  1. The transfer costs involved in the transaction;
  2. The bond costs involved in the transaction;
  3. The transfer duty payable to SARS;

This information can then be sent to you or the selected person’s email address and/or printed for your convenience.

Kindly find links to the following information that will assist you in the process and answer your need to know questions at this stage